About Us

Artisan Bladez specializes in producing handcrafted trimmer covers through the process of sculpting and molding. Our ultimate goal is to add style & personality with our creative and innovative designs to a barber’s arsenal. With our products you will stand out from the rest. We also ensure that the cutting performance will be just as outstanding as the appearance.


All of our products are tested and used in everyday barbershops, producing the best cuts with style and personality. Our trimmers are durable, sharp and easy to clean.


Each trimmer we produce is unique as it is made to order. We take great care of each custom trimmer that is shipped out.


With our trimmers flying off the shelves, we can guarantee that your next favorite trimmers will be from Artisan Bladez.

Meet The Artist

James Nelson

“Everything on the earth, in heaven, and in the universe is an inspiration to create and to be manifested”

James Nelson, Founder of Artisan Bladez is a man who wear many hats. Illustrator, painter, graphic designer as well as a part-timer barber (that's just naming a few). Since a young age James have received many awards for his expertise in illustration, commercial, and visual art. James attended Westinghouse Vocational High School and majored in Commercial Art. He then went on to attend Illinois State University after receiving the All City State Awards Portfolio Winner in 1997, and studied Graphic Design. His work has been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Gallery Guichard, NYCH Gallery, Galleyna19 and many other prominent and upcoming art galleries in the Chicago Area.